Festive Holiday Decoration Projects by Next Level Solutions

As the holiday season approaches, Next Level Solutions is excited to share some of our favorite DIY decoration projects. These charming and easy-to-make decorations will add a festive touch to your home.

1. Snow People Without Snow: Create adorable snow people using newel posts and simple workshop materials. Use black knobs for eyes, screws for mouths, and a painted wood dowel for the nose. The hats can be made from rounds of cedar, and buttons from dowels. Wrap them in ribbon scarves for the final touch.

2. Wood-Block Luminaries: Craft a cozy village scene with house-shaped candleholders made from 4×4 wood scraps. Stain them for a rustic look and add details with a metallic paint pen. Use LED candles for safety.

3. Tabletop Tannenbaum: This evergreen centerpiece is made from lauan sheets cut into triangles that interlock. Drill holes for ornaments and paint it a vibrant green for a festive look.

4. Front-Porch Fir: Enhance your exterior with a tree made from salvaged pallet wood. Cut the wood into a tree shape and stack them to create a 3D effect.

5. Tin-Tile Wreath: Repurpose a metal tile into a unique door decoration. Smooth the edges, sand for paint adherence, and then paint it. Add green accents and a blackboard center for a personalized touch.

At Next Level Solutions, we believe in the joy of creating something special for the holidays. These DIY projects are not just decorations; they’re a way to bring families together and create lasting memories. If you need assistance with any construction or renovation projects, remember that Next Level Solutions is here to help with all your needs.

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